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Our Story

At Windsor Pugs, it's no secret that pets are our passion. It drives everything we do. In fact, our commitment to our moms, dads and future puppies make us a standout breeder. So, take some time to explore our site and share in our passion for all things pug related. We're sure you'll find plenty of useful information that will ensure life remains happy for you and your fur baby.

Established in 2014 we believe that with hard work, dedication, love and commitment we could breed Pugs to the AKC Standard while also improving the breed. We strive to be the best pug breeders in the midwest. We currently test all of our prospective moms for PDE, PLL, PK DEF, and DM. We will only breed Pugs that have the lowest susceptibility markers for any of these diseases. We will only do a breeding a litter if at least one Pug has been tested clear for the susceptibility of these genetic markers. This will prevent any of our Pugs from producing a pup with two copies of any of the genes. We do breed in a way that allows us to use a mom or dad with a single marker, we do this as not to limit the gene pool too much.  These tests are a fantastic tool, only made possible by the research paid for by PDCA's Pug Health Fund and the AKC's Canine Health Foundation. 

Our main goal is to breed a wonderful family dog that will live out their life as a loved and valued family member We want each of our Pugs to live out their lives as valued household members. We love knowing that they are loved and cherished family members in their furever home.


Puppy Pricing

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